Thursday, August 10, 2006

mainz 5 liverpool 0

did u see the ndp? kaira gong is great, such poise, such voice! i also remember the song i used to sing when i was young, 小人物的心声. also heard the national anthem and pledge being played again. last time we used to do it everyday in school, initially with pride, then with monotony. today i haven't sung it for some time, but when sang it at office during national day observance 2 days ago, haven't forgotten the song at all, and suddenly i feel proud again, wish i can sing it every day. life in the office, with all its politics and duplicity, and hearing the same messaging and discussions day in, day out, had demoralised me about whether i really love my country, but when i see the parade, i know i still do. the love is kinda an abstraction. and i haven't forgotten what i learnt when i was studying abroad, to treasure what i have at home that those who haven't been abroad take for granted and grumble about. so i do still love my country lah.

the first part of the parade wasn't v nice, but the second part, esp the combined schools contingent of 915 in strength, was v nice! full of colour, diversity and vibrancy. and the person who was interviewed, who explained what was going on, how everything was put together, is actually my cousin! these, by the way, are his children: my nieces and n ephews, aged 5 and 2. very lovable, although the younger one is a bit on the shy side. just celebrated my nephew's b/d 2 weeks ago. that time the father had to come to the party late, cos he was working late, preparing for ndp. aren't they cute?

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