Monday, July 31, 2006

germany 0 italy 2 aet (grosso 120, del piero 120)

was in an exceedingly bad mood when i went on saturday, cos of something someone said to me. after so long, must things still work out this way? can't that person give me a chance?! hadn't actually wanted to go, but had to collect money from people. collected as much as i could and then stormed off home. it wasn't the fault of those pple who i had to collect money from, but they had to bear the brunt of my anger. but it also caused me to actually qn wat for the past yr, i have really been doing all i did for. it's not dat i did at all, but was it worth it?

at home, was watching memoirs of a geisha on laptop. lovely acting by gong li, michelle yeoh & zhang ziyi, story setting, lovely story, considering that i had tried to read the book at borders but couldn't get past 250 pages after going to borders on 2 separate occasions & reading only that book the whole time i was there. considering that i did a class on japanese culture when i was studying (this is quite some time ago, can u blive dat some of my frens just graduated, others r about to START uni?) fiction set in reality, expressing & dramatising the tragedy of reality, yet ideals shine thru, & hopes can also become part of reality. interesting dat all 3 main actresses are chinese rather than japanese, & dat altho michelle yeoh gets a typical part, gong li & zhang ziyi switch parts, zhang ziyi plays a gentle & kind character, albeit one wif strong determination, while gong li plays a malicious & jealous character. at the end, i was v touched by the narrator's words: "but to learn of kindness, in a world of unkindness, these are not the memoirs of a geisha, or even a queen. they are memoirs of another kind."

it reminded me of wat i learnt in my 4 yrs of university: the imptce of kindness & gentleness, to make pple's lifes a bit better, to provide a better alternative to pple's immediate tendency to criticise & put down, & to aim to be the best in ur field no matter wat ur field is, to have hope. i did not start my university wif much hope or kindness. but cos of this i resolved to bring hope & kindness to others. coming back into reality of life in singapore has seen this been harder to do than i thought. but u must blive in urself, & blive in others. still, stimes it's hard to see in others wat u can't blive in urself. it even gets worse when u see others achieve wat u can't. but i still remember wat i had set out to do, to show kindness. a feminine quality, encapsulated in a masculine character in memoirs of a geisha, in the simplest deeds, of the richest buying a cup of sweet ice to the poorest.

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