Tuesday, July 11, 2006

france 1 italy 1 (zidane sent off 111)

meeting up wif frens from old days is always quite painful. i m v happy to see them again, & happy that they r successful, but somehow i always think they r more successful than me in their own field. many of them who graduated from overseas have moved on to take on big jobs wif big firms in the US and UK in law, management consultancy, economics and accountacy, some of them are coming back to Singapore but are still taking on these careers, my medicine frens are in their final year, about to graduate and go back to conscription liability as a captain and doctor, friends who are on scholarships are doing big stuff in their conscription liability in policy, engineering, technology, manpower, events management, intelligence and research, those without conscription liability - many of them are civil servants or going to be top ranking civil servants in the various government ministries, others are working in stat boards like EDB, PSA, MAS. Starting salaries for lawyers are $4000 in Singapore, GBP6000 in the UK, many others working in the UK are starting with a 5 digit salary - in pounds!

Me? I am doing conscription liability as a writer. This morning we went to Changi Naval Base, where a tour on board a ship, including a free lunch at a seafood restaurant, was organised for PSC scholars. Today, a colleague (very chio one!) asked me if I was a scholar. I said I was. But when she found out that I'm just a teacher who read history at LSE, she wasn't impressed.

well, sigh.

the writer is doing conscription liability in ___________. he contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution. He has 338 days to go.


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