Sunday, April 16, 2006

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My Personal Testimony

the original purpose of this blog is to glorify God.

Ever since I finished university studies, God has been very real in my life. I accepted Christ when I was quite young, but at that time I was quite a nominal Christian because there were a lot of things in my life that I did not allow God to take control to change me & make a difference in my life. I continued being selfish, finding it difficult to relate with people. I didn't want to do things God's way. As a result God could not be real in my life.

Things changed during my university studies. That was a very humbling experience. God showed me about what receiving His love, discipline & direction is about. Tho my grades were gd enuff, I didn't get my 1st choice study & career. I was forced to turn to God & ask Him y, & he said that this was not cos there was anything wrong with the career itself, but that cos God wanted me to do His will & my motives for choosing the career were not right. God then took time to show me how the career that I thought would suit & satisfy me actually did not, but that even tho I had to choose a teaching career cos it was the only option given me, it fitted into God's plan for my life & God had equipped me with both the gifts and passion required for it. I found my studies quite difficult & often did not do well in tests & assignments. But God always demonstrated how His grace is sufficient for me & His power is made perfect in my weakness by helping me to do well whenever it mattered. He reminded me that this was the same thruout my O & A Levels, for them, + my BA, & my MA, I always did much better when it came to the tests & projects that counted than to daily work, which was the opposite of what happened for most people.

After my university study, I came back to S'pore with a clearer sense of purpose & walking more closely with God. God had shown me the importance of a purpose-driven & God-centred life. There are 5 aspects to this life: (1) personal relationship with God, because He is our father & fren, & wants to be real in our life & make a difference, (2) fellowship with God's people, because we are all part of His family & we encourage & edify one another to fulfil our respective calling by Him, to clothe ourselves with humility, kindness, gentleness & patience to love one another as God has loved us, (3) discipleship through the church, because being actively involved in God's family & work is the best way in which we can learn what it means and live out the narrow way of following God whole-heartedly, (4) ministry of serving God, cos God said that when we do anything for the least of people in Christ's name, we do it for Him, & (5) witnessing to fulfill the Great Commission, because we are to be His witnesses by making disciples throughout the earth.

In truth following Jesus is tuff, cos there are a lot of things I must give up, there are a lot of times I must act differently, we must not think as the world thinks, & do as the world does. But altho I may qn and struggle, there is a joy about choosing this way, & I would never choose another way. This is cos we experience God's love, we know & feel His presence is with us, we grow deeper in our walk & relationship with Him, & we know we have a great reward in heaven. Thus believing in & following Jesus is more than just adhering tenaciously to a belief system, it is developing a personal friendship that can exist and blossom between the human and the divine. I now have a sense of direction, calling & future, & I am always touched by God's love for me; not only did He deliver me from my sins through giving His Son to die for me, but also that He cares enough about me to have a plan for my life & work towards fulfilling it, to use me, an ordinary person among the billions in this world for part of His great purpose, to invest time & resources into nurturing, directing & preserving me to follow His ways. Thus knowing Jesus is real, & it is worth it.

the writer is doing conscription liability in __________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity. This is because freedom of speech is enshrined in Singapore's constitution. He has 425 days to go.


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