Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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in the office, people call me a child. the word they use is 单纯. when I try to tell them that my Christian values causes me to take a different perspective from the things that happen & try to be nice & helpful, but actually I am a very realistic & pessimistic person, they don't believe me. actually i am inclined to react pessimistically to the things that happen, but cos I need to be a witness, I need to be different, dat's y I act like that. they say I'm socially inexperienced, I'm not exposed to the vicissitudes of life (ME!!), & I come from a very sheltered background.

in the office, the number of people I find it easy & natural to talk to is actually quite few. as a result, I seldom go out for lunch wif pple in the office, & I either have to be thick-skinned & join frens from other depts (who accommodate me if I join them at the table but dun fit me into their schedules), or eat alone. I'm not a person who likes to eat alone, although I am a person who likes to eat alone. The last statement seems funnie & contradictory, but those who really know me will know what I mean. so I've taken to joining other frens or going to the gym. But I still feel sad when I see people in my dept go out together to eat. Other depts go out in groups of 4 - 6, my dept goes out in grps of 1 - 3 and there are many more cliques than usual. But God has been asking me to do something else during lunch. Lunch should be a time to prayer walk Mindef!!

I find this v hard to accept cos it's not what a normal person would do. People already say I'm odd, childish, immature, unexposed, in the office. 乳嗅未干. izzit a crime to expect to have frens to eat lunch wif in the office?

But I can't run away from God. So it looks like that's what I'm going to haf to do after all.


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Blogger Joline said...

Great! Doing something away from poli-sticky situations, doing something "a normal person wouldn't do", doing something God says to do, having people notice that you're different (although perhaps on the surface it's not a positive kind of observation). Still. Perfect, i say. You're living out the life He wants of you, the kind of life that aims to please God and not man. All the more, the makings of a follower of Christ.

12:42 AM  
Blogger the third wei said...


Sorry for not joining you guys earlier in the week, boss called and we had to rush stuff for our next meeting. Quite a bit of 'fire-fighting' in my department, and got no schedule.

mmmh. I believe in the pessimistic bit.

But realistic? Well, you know my take on it, that different people have different perspectives of reality. In a sense, saying that you are realistic implies that the people you are talking to aren't and don't have a grasp of reality. Which is perhaps no wonder why they might not believe you. Who likes to be told they are not real or realistic?

I would agree with Jolene, that the best thing you should do is to lead the life that God wants you to lead. Not the lives that others are living. Not the lives that you think that they think that you should be living.

Be strong, and be yourself. :)

5:37 PM  

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