Sunday, April 30, 2006

chelsea 3 manchester united 0

This is my reply to article found on, and reproduced below.

1. To alex: teachers are not pro-PAP. They are teachers who need to educate students on the importance of good governance. they are not obliged to be affiliated with any political party.

2. to lyraine: PM Lee Hsien Loong is still the PM. Even during elections, the government still functions. this means that incumbent ministers still have to do the job, while campaigning at the same time. According to the constitution, PM Lee only ceases to be PM if the opposition wins a parliamentary majority. in that case, that opposition party's leader takes over as PM.

3. to lyraine: i've noted ur comments on the blog. pls do not mention "eugene", the blogger's name is chelsea5manu0, I do not know where the name eugene u got it from. also, what does wtf stand for? Where's Thy Faith?

4. to lyraine: u also notice that the 2 statements made did not refer to 2001 elections or any elections at all. True names and specific references to country, event, name or situatrion whatever are withheld to protect the identity of the writer, because freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution. (country not named). If however a specific country or event may be suspected of being alluded to in the blog's aforesaid entries, this is a sign of 做贼心虚 at work.

5. to lyraine: u help people who need help the most by first establishing who they are, whether rightly or wrongly, and then paying them more money lah!

6. to lyraine: haven't seen u for some time. hows life? let's meet up for a cup of TEA soon.

the writer is doing conscription liability in ________. he cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution. he has 412 days to go.

hahah!!! SCARED LIAO HOR!!!

erm.. that was NOT a reply to myself.. and the previous post.. instead it's addressed to george yeo and his team of the L-word.. you go think of what L means.. after i kenna defamation.. cannot be too obvious.. cos u see right.. in court.. i can still say.. L means LOVED ONES....

i can see KNEES shaking.. shake shake shake shake.. you see ar.. i tell you.. why would you ask someone to withdraw over a little issue like a minority certificate.. IF YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY WEREN'T GOING TO WIN.. where's the CONFIDENCE?? i remember just the other day.. our dearest fat friend cynthia phua say.. she very confident ar.. if so confident why u want james gomez to withdraw..

you see... how can aljunied vote.. if sylvia's team doesn't exist... so george yeo;s team is PCK.. PUA CHAO KING!!!!! mwahahahahah.. PCK PTE LTD... Pua Chao King pte ltd.. best in singapore, jb and some say batam.... hahahahah... i tell you.. my dearest Winners' Party.. you don't withdraw james gomez okok??.. cos no matter what PCK say.. i still believe in u... your policies i believe in... gst should not be implemented on healthcare.. especially for the poor.. even though the poor are more likely to need healthcare..

now.. today ar.. i received a magazine.. pwah free mag ar!!.. my mum say.. "wat a waste of resources.." ok lah.. to me.. i like reading.. last time i young right.. my mum used to "drive" me in those ntuc shopping cart.. she say.. my fingers very itchy.. even canned food also want to read.. so she always got to pluck food from my fingers.. anyway.. this magazine right.. the address talk abt micro issue.. meaning.. upgrading this upgrading that.. aiyah.. quite useless one actually.. but this sentence/paragraph..
"Staying Together, Moving Ahead" is the call of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (p.s. he not PM anymore okok.. not for another 6 days.) To achieve this, the Government (same here hor.. no govt for another 6 days.. plus your party is still not the GOVT yet.. pls draw line btwn party and govt) has come out with the Progress Package which is tailored to help those who need help the most."

alamak.. me no catch ball.. i tot it was supposed to help with globalisation??? and what got staying together moving ahead got to do with progress package??? and.. alamak.. IF YOU PAY EVERYONE money.. how come you help pple who need help the most??!!!! i no understand leh...

but never mind.. the PAP give me free magnet.. of george yeo's party.. yeah lah.. that ygk still there.. as fugly as ever.. but never mind.. i got new picture of jay... i just paste over can liao..


Blogger lyraine said...

5. to lyraine: u help people who need help the most by first establishing who they are, whether rightly or wrongly, and then paying them more money lah!

right.. so i'm dying of tongue cancer.. and all u can do is give me more money.. whoops!

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