Monday, April 17, 2006

bolton 0 chelsea 2

ok, so most of you should know that i attended the leadership training in Johor over the Good Friday weekend, & we had 3-star hotel stay with queen-size double beds complete with Newcastle 3 Wigan 1, we had the famous Malaysia burgers that have egg and cheese inside, & we were eating big Chinese course meals at the Chinese restaurant for dinners and Malaysian buffets for lunch & breakfast, topped with 2 tea breaks a day. Then we had lessons in the cold aircon ballroom, & lotsa interactive discussions & team games. basically i learnt a lot, RM$500 was spent about each of 40 people. it's simply amazing.

So just to share some of the things I learnt. Much of it is about leadership, but here I'm toking about vision. I am not an idealistic person. In fact, idealists and visionaries used to somewhat annoy me. But this training changed me cos it showed me how important vision is. It takes you of the sordid and monotonous routine to give you a fervour, purpose & direction. It causes you to move beyond established boundaries & tried and tested methods in the hope of realising a goal that has yet to be achieved. So I say a word of apology to all those idealists out there...there really is a place for vision.

1. when we serve God we are in a journey of serving ourselves & others. when we do something for someone, this creates a value. We should be positive & see opportunities & potentials rather than weaknesses & problems.

2. vision is very important. Since each ministry is operating within the church, their respective visions should be aligned with the church vision. Vision gives us direction, purpose and motivation. We should not be caught up with the day-to-day administration or person-to-person interaction but should do all these with an eye to moving towards an ultimate goal. with a vision, we commit to planning & actualisation, we discover our strengths & weaknesses & seek to maximise our strengths, we take up responsibility and become accountable to one another, & we master ourselves & our team. we must catch vision before we can move.

3. The power of vision is Awareness - the ability to see & know the needs around you. Attitude - the faith to believe that you can make a difference. Action - exercising the courage to persevere. & Achievement - the hope to endure in the promise that you will reap what you sow.

4. So how do you develop vision? You look within you...what burdens your heart? You look behind you...what can you glean from your past experiences and insights? Look around you...what are the needs you can meet? You look before you...what is your goal? Then you look above you...what is God telling you? So vision & ministry go hand in hand.

5. once you have vision, you must communicate it clearly & effectively to your team. Get their involvement & commitment by hearing their needs & then influence them to look beyond themselves. Motivate them by attributing significance & recognition to their contributions & strengths, encouraging positive dissatisfaction & formulating clear expectations.

The writer is doing conscription liability in ___________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in Singapore's constitution. He has 425 days to go.


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