Sunday, April 02, 2006

benfica 0 barcelona 0

ok lah, in the end I got an A for chord, A for rhythm, and a B for song application. Didn't get straight As, but still not as bad...didn't get a B overall. Can be grateful for the grace given me. I think I will still continue to Worship Dynamics 1. not worth it to quit. will sign up, just b4 the deadline.

In a v belated b/d card sent to me, someone thanked me & appreciated me for "rubbing shoulders" with her. In the past, we had some conflicts which was created by me & most of it was my fault. A few months down the road, she has not forgotten them, but surprising, she embarasses me by thanking me for them. what does this mean? Is she saying that conflict is inevitable & it's part of my growth? Or is she saying, more likely, that she appreciates my honesty to her? But this is the not the person I want to be...I want to be a peaceable, humble person. after 10 months back in s'pore, i dun think i've achieved it. people see me more as pretentious, immature, not there yet, attention-seeking, proud, insecure, & unreliable!

the writer is doing conscription liability in _________. he contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. he cannot be named to protect his identity.


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