Sunday, April 30, 2006

chelsea 3 manchester united 0

This is my reply to article found on, and reproduced below.

1. To alex: teachers are not pro-PAP. They are teachers who need to educate students on the importance of good governance. they are not obliged to be affiliated with any political party.

2. to lyraine: PM Lee Hsien Loong is still the PM. Even during elections, the government still functions. this means that incumbent ministers still have to do the job, while campaigning at the same time. According to the constitution, PM Lee only ceases to be PM if the opposition wins a parliamentary majority. in that case, that opposition party's leader takes over as PM.

3. to lyraine: i've noted ur comments on the blog. pls do not mention "eugene", the blogger's name is chelsea5manu0, I do not know where the name eugene u got it from. also, what does wtf stand for? Where's Thy Faith?

4. to lyraine: u also notice that the 2 statements made did not refer to 2001 elections or any elections at all. True names and specific references to country, event, name or situatrion whatever are withheld to protect the identity of the writer, because freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution. (country not named). If however a specific country or event may be suspected of being alluded to in the blog's aforesaid entries, this is a sign of 做贼心虚 at work.

5. to lyraine: u help people who need help the most by first establishing who they are, whether rightly or wrongly, and then paying them more money lah!

6. to lyraine: haven't seen u for some time. hows life? let's meet up for a cup of TEA soon.

the writer is doing conscription liability in ________. he cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution. he has 412 days to go.

hahah!!! SCARED LIAO HOR!!!

erm.. that was NOT a reply to myself.. and the previous post.. instead it's addressed to george yeo and his team of the L-word.. you go think of what L means.. after i kenna defamation.. cannot be too obvious.. cos u see right.. in court.. i can still say.. L means LOVED ONES....

i can see KNEES shaking.. shake shake shake shake.. you see ar.. i tell you.. why would you ask someone to withdraw over a little issue like a minority certificate.. IF YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY WEREN'T GOING TO WIN.. where's the CONFIDENCE?? i remember just the other day.. our dearest fat friend cynthia phua say.. she very confident ar.. if so confident why u want james gomez to withdraw..

you see... how can aljunied vote.. if sylvia's team doesn't exist... so george yeo;s team is PCK.. PUA CHAO KING!!!!! mwahahahahah.. PCK PTE LTD... Pua Chao King pte ltd.. best in singapore, jb and some say batam.... hahahahah... i tell you.. my dearest Winners' Party.. you don't withdraw james gomez okok??.. cos no matter what PCK say.. i still believe in u... your policies i believe in... gst should not be implemented on healthcare.. especially for the poor.. even though the poor are more likely to need healthcare..

now.. today ar.. i received a magazine.. pwah free mag ar!!.. my mum say.. "wat a waste of resources.." ok lah.. to me.. i like reading.. last time i young right.. my mum used to "drive" me in those ntuc shopping cart.. she say.. my fingers very itchy.. even canned food also want to read.. so she always got to pluck food from my fingers.. anyway.. this magazine right.. the address talk abt micro issue.. meaning.. upgrading this upgrading that.. aiyah.. quite useless one actually.. but this sentence/paragraph..
"Staying Together, Moving Ahead" is the call of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (p.s. he not PM anymore okok.. not for another 6 days.) To achieve this, the Government (same here hor.. no govt for another 6 days.. plus your party is still not the GOVT yet.. pls draw line btwn party and govt) has come out with the Progress Package which is tailored to help those who need help the most."

alamak.. me no catch ball.. i tot it was supposed to help with globalisation??? and what got staying together moving ahead got to do with progress package??? and.. alamak.. IF YOU PAY EVERYONE money.. how come you help pple who need help the most??!!!! i no understand leh...

but never mind.. the PAP give me free magnet.. of george yeo's party.. yeah lah.. that ygk still there.. as fugly as ever.. but never mind.. i got new picture of jay... i just paste over can liao..

Monday, April 24, 2006

arsenal 1 spurs 1

is my EQ very low?
do I always call attention to myself & always make myself the focus of attention?

i was at Tampines Junior College in the line of work, when 2 girls looked strangely at me & then tried to smile at me. confused, i went back to my seat in the tuckshop, when, suddenly i remembered. these were students i taught during my 5-week relief teaching stint at a school 3 years ago. Now the years have passed by and they are still in J2. I have moved to Clementi, but the 2 girls at the secondary school along Bedok Reservoir Rd still recognise me, remember me, & acknowledge me, cos they came up to say "Hi". & they called be my the teacher's address, & reminded me what I taught them last time in social studies with a laugh. To think about it, 1 more year & they will graduate & be heading towards university. Just to see them, & to hear them remember me, all those 5 weeks of teaching 3 years ago paid off.

if only my alma mater could value me in the same way as these 2 humble girls.

if only those peers that i hung out wif during secondary school & JC would value me as their fren, or at least acknowledge me as somebody who grew up together with them.

the writer is doing conscription liability in _________. he contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. he cannot be named to protect his identity, cos freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

portsmouth 1 arsenal 1 (lualua 67)

In the afternoon, 2 nice frens from Mindef (NSFs and both a yr older than me, not in uniform), came to look for me & we headed for the Gombak Specialist's mess together to try out the food. It's in a bar style with sofas and TVs for specialists to relax, they serve wine also but we didn't drink. The food is good and cheap! But we were also there for an explicit purpose. To pray.

& pray we did. 1st we chatted about personal prayer requests. Then we toked about wat we're going to do after ORD. One isn't sure...still looking for direction, but going to be an architect. Another's going to be a civil servant. & me, I'm going to be a teacher. Then we ate. Then we toked about what to pray about. Pray for unsaved frens in Mindef, for the spiritual climate in Mindef to change, pray against bureaucracy, backstabbing, complaining, passing work, materialism, etc. Pray for a positive attitude to work. Pray for the government & policy-makers. & then we really prayed - with our eyes open - but we really prayed!

this isn't what a normal person would do. but we did it. & my 2 frens were just as eager as me. Our next meeting up to pray is next Wednesday.

2 days ago, we finished a meeting & I asked my colleague, who I still treat as my fren, whether she wants to go for lunch. She didn't reply. But she was still at her desk. 20 minutes later, she had disappeared. In the canteen, she was with 4 others. 1 just celebrated her birthday last week. Another had come down from CMPB to give her a birthday present. Another is a colleague who just doesn't like me. (& she doesn't make it a secret). Another is technically my colleague but cos I'm an NSF, he's my superior. The last is the birthday girl. The table was packed, just enuff for 5 people. there was no room for 1 more. The girl from CMPB hailed. But she's resigned cos relationships in the office have grieved her. The rest didn't so much as look up. I bought a packet of rice and went back to the office to eat.

The name of my organisation means "bond". Its raison d'etre is, among others, to promote unity and comradeship nationwide.

The writer is doing conscription liability in __________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution. He has 421 days to go.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

chelsea 3 everton 0

The opposition is so confident that they purposely run in less than half of the constituency seats so that the incumbent can return to power on polling day. This is so that they can assure the population that they do not worry about voting for the opposition, because the incumbent's leadership of the parliament has been guaranteed.

Elections are compulsory to ensure that citizens can exercise their freedom.

The writer is doing conscription liability in ____________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution. He has 424 days to go.

Monday, April 17, 2006

bolton 0 chelsea 2

ok, so most of you should know that i attended the leadership training in Johor over the Good Friday weekend, & we had 3-star hotel stay with queen-size double beds complete with Newcastle 3 Wigan 1, we had the famous Malaysia burgers that have egg and cheese inside, & we were eating big Chinese course meals at the Chinese restaurant for dinners and Malaysian buffets for lunch & breakfast, topped with 2 tea breaks a day. Then we had lessons in the cold aircon ballroom, & lotsa interactive discussions & team games. basically i learnt a lot, RM$500 was spent about each of 40 people. it's simply amazing.

So just to share some of the things I learnt. Much of it is about leadership, but here I'm toking about vision. I am not an idealistic person. In fact, idealists and visionaries used to somewhat annoy me. But this training changed me cos it showed me how important vision is. It takes you of the sordid and monotonous routine to give you a fervour, purpose & direction. It causes you to move beyond established boundaries & tried and tested methods in the hope of realising a goal that has yet to be achieved. So I say a word of apology to all those idealists out there...there really is a place for vision.

1. when we serve God we are in a journey of serving ourselves & others. when we do something for someone, this creates a value. We should be positive & see opportunities & potentials rather than weaknesses & problems.

2. vision is very important. Since each ministry is operating within the church, their respective visions should be aligned with the church vision. Vision gives us direction, purpose and motivation. We should not be caught up with the day-to-day administration or person-to-person interaction but should do all these with an eye to moving towards an ultimate goal. with a vision, we commit to planning & actualisation, we discover our strengths & weaknesses & seek to maximise our strengths, we take up responsibility and become accountable to one another, & we master ourselves & our team. we must catch vision before we can move.

3. The power of vision is Awareness - the ability to see & know the needs around you. Attitude - the faith to believe that you can make a difference. Action - exercising the courage to persevere. & Achievement - the hope to endure in the promise that you will reap what you sow.

4. So how do you develop vision? You look within you...what burdens your heart? You look behind you...what can you glean from your past experiences and insights? Look around you...what are the needs you can meet? You look before you...what is your goal? Then you look above you...what is God telling you? So vision & ministry go hand in hand.

5. once you have vision, you must communicate it clearly & effectively to your team. Get their involvement & commitment by hearing their needs & then influence them to look beyond themselves. Motivate them by attributing significance & recognition to their contributions & strengths, encouraging positive dissatisfaction & formulating clear expectations.

The writer is doing conscription liability in ___________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in Singapore's constitution. He has 425 days to go.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

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My Personal Testimony

the original purpose of this blog is to glorify God.

Ever since I finished university studies, God has been very real in my life. I accepted Christ when I was quite young, but at that time I was quite a nominal Christian because there were a lot of things in my life that I did not allow God to take control to change me & make a difference in my life. I continued being selfish, finding it difficult to relate with people. I didn't want to do things God's way. As a result God could not be real in my life.

Things changed during my university studies. That was a very humbling experience. God showed me about what receiving His love, discipline & direction is about. Tho my grades were gd enuff, I didn't get my 1st choice study & career. I was forced to turn to God & ask Him y, & he said that this was not cos there was anything wrong with the career itself, but that cos God wanted me to do His will & my motives for choosing the career were not right. God then took time to show me how the career that I thought would suit & satisfy me actually did not, but that even tho I had to choose a teaching career cos it was the only option given me, it fitted into God's plan for my life & God had equipped me with both the gifts and passion required for it. I found my studies quite difficult & often did not do well in tests & assignments. But God always demonstrated how His grace is sufficient for me & His power is made perfect in my weakness by helping me to do well whenever it mattered. He reminded me that this was the same thruout my O & A Levels, for them, + my BA, & my MA, I always did much better when it came to the tests & projects that counted than to daily work, which was the opposite of what happened for most people.

After my university study, I came back to S'pore with a clearer sense of purpose & walking more closely with God. God had shown me the importance of a purpose-driven & God-centred life. There are 5 aspects to this life: (1) personal relationship with God, because He is our father & fren, & wants to be real in our life & make a difference, (2) fellowship with God's people, because we are all part of His family & we encourage & edify one another to fulfil our respective calling by Him, to clothe ourselves with humility, kindness, gentleness & patience to love one another as God has loved us, (3) discipleship through the church, because being actively involved in God's family & work is the best way in which we can learn what it means and live out the narrow way of following God whole-heartedly, (4) ministry of serving God, cos God said that when we do anything for the least of people in Christ's name, we do it for Him, & (5) witnessing to fulfill the Great Commission, because we are to be His witnesses by making disciples throughout the earth.

In truth following Jesus is tuff, cos there are a lot of things I must give up, there are a lot of times I must act differently, we must not think as the world thinks, & do as the world does. But altho I may qn and struggle, there is a joy about choosing this way, & I would never choose another way. This is cos we experience God's love, we know & feel His presence is with us, we grow deeper in our walk & relationship with Him, & we know we have a great reward in heaven. Thus believing in & following Jesus is more than just adhering tenaciously to a belief system, it is developing a personal friendship that can exist and blossom between the human and the divine. I now have a sense of direction, calling & future, & I am always touched by God's love for me; not only did He deliver me from my sins through giving His Son to die for me, but also that He cares enough about me to have a plan for my life & work towards fulfilling it, to use me, an ordinary person among the billions in this world for part of His great purpose, to invest time & resources into nurturing, directing & preserving me to follow His ways. Thus knowing Jesus is real, & it is worth it.

the writer is doing conscription liability in __________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity. This is because freedom of speech is enshrined in Singapore's constitution. He has 425 days to go.

Monday, April 10, 2006

real madrid 1 real sociedad 1

ok. this blog is not serving its purpose, which originally is to glorify God. instead it's become an avenue for self-pity & grumbling about God's will in my life - the exact opposite. today i had lunch with my colleagues - 7 of them. we rarely do this, & it's cos 1/2 of them were down in Mindef for Pride Day. nice of them to invite me along, but really, I'm not going to give up praying in Mindef - in fact, God has always shown me that I cannot run away from His will but within His will I am really really really blessed - today I found somebody who has agreed to meet up with me during lunchtime to pray. can His will be denied?

also, today ended up in Sembawang Pri Sch. Instead of grumbling, I shall thank God. Branch Head managed to arrange it such that I take his phone calls when I'm not around (not my job, but I don't mind doing it). Instead of just passing messages, I also become a convenient person to arrow when the other person on the line needs branch head to do something (ie, to get 1 of his team to do sthing). So today went down to Sembawang Pri Sch for a meeting with the principal and a teacher. They are passionate about National Education & believe that NE should start at pri schs when young kids are just receptive. Refreshing from the typical teacher's response to NE - more work. Of course this means more work for my department. (& more work for me). I could have grumbled about it, but I don't mind wearing civilian clothes to go to visit the sch and get welcomed like a guest in the principal's office, learning from the way the principal and teacher carry themselves and talk about their school and students. Tell them about my department to hone my communication skills & show my own enthusiasm for NE. in the end, the school said they would do most of the work, & the liaison work is mainly done by other people in my office - i just only need to jot down in short form the meeting minutes, which doesn't take v long to do, & i gain so much more than if I just stayed in the office (including exploring the Sembawang area of Singapore, which I've never been). transport is paid by the government (S$19 bil in reserves). And of course, when the principal found out I'm an NSF, there's the same shock - cos my NS life is so much better than his, he found his own enthusiasm for NE tested. Hee hee.

Yes, you won't usually get such an entry on my blog cos I am a pessimistic & a realistic person. But realism can also be used to thank God. 水能载舟亦能覆舟. water can move a boat & also sink it, so everything can be used for good & bad. But I'm learning to obey God. & that's what I think this blog is supposed to be for.

the writer is doing conscription liability in ___________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity, because freedom of speech is enshrined in Singapore's constitution. He has 433 days to go.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

lyon 0 ac milan 0

in the office, people call me a child. the word they use is 单纯. when I try to tell them that my Christian values causes me to take a different perspective from the things that happen & try to be nice & helpful, but actually I am a very realistic & pessimistic person, they don't believe me. actually i am inclined to react pessimistically to the things that happen, but cos I need to be a witness, I need to be different, dat's y I act like that. they say I'm socially inexperienced, I'm not exposed to the vicissitudes of life (ME!!), & I come from a very sheltered background.

in the office, the number of people I find it easy & natural to talk to is actually quite few. as a result, I seldom go out for lunch wif pple in the office, & I either have to be thick-skinned & join frens from other depts (who accommodate me if I join them at the table but dun fit me into their schedules), or eat alone. I'm not a person who likes to eat alone, although I am a person who likes to eat alone. The last statement seems funnie & contradictory, but those who really know me will know what I mean. so I've taken to joining other frens or going to the gym. But I still feel sad when I see people in my dept go out together to eat. Other depts go out in groups of 4 - 6, my dept goes out in grps of 1 - 3 and there are many more cliques than usual. But God has been asking me to do something else during lunch. Lunch should be a time to prayer walk Mindef!!

I find this v hard to accept cos it's not what a normal person would do. People already say I'm odd, childish, immature, unexposed, in the office. 乳嗅未干. izzit a crime to expect to have frens to eat lunch wif in the office?

But I can't run away from God. So it looks like that's what I'm going to haf to do after all.


the writer is doing conscription liability in __________. he contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. He cannot be named to protect his identity.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

benfica 0 barcelona 0

ok lah, in the end I got an A for chord, A for rhythm, and a B for song application. Didn't get straight As, but still not as bad...didn't get a B overall. Can be grateful for the grace given me. I think I will still continue to Worship Dynamics 1. not worth it to quit. will sign up, just b4 the deadline.

In a v belated b/d card sent to me, someone thanked me & appreciated me for "rubbing shoulders" with her. In the past, we had some conflicts which was created by me & most of it was my fault. A few months down the road, she has not forgotten them, but surprising, she embarasses me by thanking me for them. what does this mean? Is she saying that conflict is inevitable & it's part of my growth? Or is she saying, more likely, that she appreciates my honesty to her? But this is the not the person I want to be...I want to be a peaceable, humble person. after 10 months back in s'pore, i dun think i've achieved it. people see me more as pretentious, immature, not there yet, attention-seeking, proud, insecure, & unreliable!

the writer is doing conscription liability in _________. he contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. he cannot be named to protect his identity.