Sunday, March 19, 2006

chelsea 2 spurs 1

& with another 1 of those NE-related events that my unit is famous for organising, & needs representatives to participate, I find myself at this old shophouse in Chinatown, attending this Image & Forum Theatre workshop at NeNemas, the education arm of Dramabox, a 2-day course actually organised for teachers to show them how to teach NE using drama. There were about 22 teachers, mostly from primary school, a couple from secondary school & ITE. the course organisers were very professional and taught us games how to use image theatre. basically everyone is divided into groups of 4 and takes turns at directing a frozen scene based on a theme - in this case, it was a divisive society. then the audience views each scene and votes the one that they can identify and resonate the most with. that scene is then re-enacted by the participants for further exploration. people talk about how they identify with the scene. the participants are asked to take both just 1 step backward each and freeze, & then 1 step forward each and freeze, so we all can explore how this scene will develop to perpetuate a society becoming more divided, and then the causes of how such a scene came about respectively. for example, 1 popular scene was a frozen one clearly re-enacting an MRT-scenario, 4 people cluster themselves but mind their own business. 1 is apparently smsing on mobile, 1 is holding onto the rung, 1 is holding onto the pole, 1 is sitting down reading. it was quite fun, but at the end the feedback from the teachers wasn't v positive, cos they said that in primary school the students had not reached the level of maturity to be able to use drama to do this kind of independent learning & reflection. wanting to salvage some face for my unit, i quickly told them that this is a good way to dovetail changes in teaching format with the recent "Teach Less Learn More" move. they can at least use drama and skits to teach, but more explanation can be given. somebody also made a good point that students should be encouraged to learn & introspect independently from young, if they grow up used to rote learning & dished-out teaching, they will not able to pick up independent learning methods so early when older. i had fun lah, glad to participate in the course, none of the other course participants knew i am actually an NSF, but they were honest enuff to say that to spend the 1st 2 days of March holidays at this course is cos they are arrowed to. o/w they looking forward to holidays when they can have a break at home in theory (come back to school and finish work w/o the students around in practice). hee hee.

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