Sunday, March 26, 2006

chelsea 2 manchester city 0 (drogba 30, 33)


went for keyboard presentation. after 10 weeks of lessons, this is the presentation that will give u the grade for the course. (ok lah, there was a smaller presentation in wk 6.) practised quite hard. chose a difficult song, i think i overestimate myself. 不θ‡ͺι‡εŠ›.

anyway, after the ballot i was the last to play, and when i played, i was v nervous, such that i played a chord wrongly, instead of playing C/G, I played C/E instead, & after that most stuff started to go wrong. I started to play too fast, still in rhythm, but the beat was no longer 55, i found myself going at about 100 & even the class had stopped singing the song to follow me, but i couldn't stop cos i just wanted to finish the song. verse, chorus, modulate to D major, verse, chorus, then extro, finally finish, & comments were, "chords firm, rhythm firm, but u went too fast & your pedalling is out." in my nervousness, & cos the keyboard pedal is different from my piano pedal at home, i was pedalling each time i changed the chord, instead of after. sigh. i think there goes my A. I may get a B. I really don't want to get a B.

this is ironic, cos in the evening i was just telling isabel that we should have the spirit of excellence to glorify God, not a compulsion to win so that we can gratify our own selfish ambition. i need to repent of my hypocrisy & pride. so i prayed & God told me that i'm learning this to pursue my love for music so that I can use it to worship Him, & I should do it in a stressless environment & just enjoy the music & the worship. I repent of my hypocrisy, pride & selfish ambition. I want to be sincere & practice the counsel that I give to others. I want to learn my lesson so that God does not have to make me go thru that tough discipline to learn the same thing.

this morning i played some songs using the keyboard techniques i've learnt - & hey, they really sound quite nice on the piano. the people r pressing me to move on to Worship Dynamics 1 - the fees are $288 for 12 lessons - should I? It's also a commitment to another 12 weeks of lessons.

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