Tuesday, February 28, 2006

blackburn 1 arsenal 0 (pederson 19)

well, i did start the day thinking it wouldn't be so good, but in the end it didn't turn out that bad.

in the morning there was a card on my desk from the people in the office. i did know there would be a card, cos i saw it circulating, & it's SOP for everyone, but to see it on my desk did warm my heart anyway - really it did. Most of the people wished that my dreams and wishes would come true. 1 of them - the best comment i think - said that i am a really thoughtful person - i really thank her for that encouragement. it's nice when people say nice things about you.

then 2 of my colleagues - my 2 closest ones in the office - treated me to breakfast. once again, it was really nice of them, and we had the longest breakfast ever since i started conscription liability - 1 hour 35 mins. breakfast is supposed to be 20 mins. the stall lady gave me an extra prawn, & the honeydew juice i tried was nice.

then i got 1/2 the day off. 5 minutes b4 it was time to me to go, deputy director called me up to discuss work. (it's quite typical). but she didn't take that long, i think she also knew i'm on 1/2 day today, and she promised it'd only take a few minutes. then she gave me the work to do - and guess what, the boss offered to do it for me!! Not sure if he'll actually do it, will find out when i go back tomoro, but it was v nice of him.

Spent 1st part of day off doing sthing confidential, then went to watch Rumour Has It. Movie was a drama & i had thought it was a comedy, but then it wasn't too bad. 4 months since i last watched Exorcism of Emily Rose. must watch more movies leh. then dinner at Griller at Tiong Bahru Plaza. the pasta there is actually not there.

Now my neighbour, whose b/d is on 29 Feb (yes, really 29 feb! - for pple looking for someone really born on that day, u've found 1, cos the yr 1982 when i am born has no leap year) - actually bought me a cake from Bengawan Solo! the maid came to my house to give it to me. the mother actually the mother of the boy i'm giving tuition to...someone who's v nice. always lets me sit in the study to give him tuition, switches on the air-con, and always serves soft drinks as well as snacks - sometimes v nice maple syrup dessert, sometimes bak kwa - u get the pic. this is now abt the nicest thing she's ever done, much better than the mere card i gave her yesterday. sigh - had wished she'd delivered it herself, or mebbe sent the boy, then could have invited her in for a drink - the evening is quite quiet, didn't go out. i think she's bz celebrating hers.

my mum also bought a cake - my favourite cheese cake, and my aunt baked a butter cake, & the neighbour got a chocolate coffee cake. 3 cakes for 1 b/d - hehz...

but at least the day didn't go on so bad. people are nice. it's nice of them to be thoughtful on ur special day. oh well, i'm really 24 now.

the writer is doing conscription liability in ________. he contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity. he cannot be named to protect his identity.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

chelsea 3 colchester 1

didn't wanna write, but forced to.
can't even say HCI is the best school in Singapore without arousing a lot of controversy.
it is wat...located at Bukit Timah, niche in Chinese (& u noe I like chinese), highly-ranked JC, state-of-the-art facilities, special treatment for arts students, high cameraderie, produces lotsa Presidents & SAFOS scholars, good teachers & expatriates, nice-coloured uniform, affiliated with NYGH and TCHS...what more do you want?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

chelsea 2 liverpool 0 (gallas 35, crespo 68, reina red card 79)

people are always mistaking me for being a woman on the fone! When I gave tuition I would advertise that I am Chinese male, and when a mother calls about her son, she would say, "well, you put on the leaflet Chinese male, are you the tutor himself?" Once a mother called about her daughter and when she heard me on the fone she doubted that I was male, and decided not to take me! I suppose she should have been more enthusiastic knowing I am female, but she was freaked out thinking that this is a female masquerading as a male!

then there was the woman who was so angry on the fone with me that she finally in frustration yelled out, "Madam!"

finally, there's the best 1, the plane ticket. The 1st customer service officer kept asking if I was the 1 flying when she found out my name was ___________. I cannot be named to protect my identity.

the 2nd 1 did better. She sent me the ticket, and it was addressed as, Mdm ________! I had to wait 2 weeks for them to issue me another ticket.

The writer is doing conscription liability in ___________. HE contributed this article to the blog in HIS personal capacity. HE cannot be named to protect HIS identity.