Saturday, January 07, 2006

luton 3 liverpool 1 (aft 53 min), cisse miss penalty 50

we were sharing about how the past year went. actually it was a year full of ups and downs, if i really bother to remember it properly.

Jan 2005: holiday to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Illinois. Disneyworld & Chicago. Mall of America. University of Wisconsin Madison. Almost Universal Studios, but in the end we didn't go there.

Jan 2005: new class on the Cold War in which whole class is intellectual, experienced and articulate and everyone fights to speak up (not fights to keep quiet). if you keep quiet you get picked on. Lecturer has to get people to take turns (not 1 -3) but (1 - 10) to give their views and by the time u get to number 7 people have already cut in and the order is lost. teach me how to be humble. this was an International Politics class. in the School of International and Public Affairs. and the lecturer is simply excellent. so impressed by his insights...historian, diplomat, sociologist, lawyer all rolled into one. The class talked about history, politics, economics, culture, nationalism, structure & theory, sociology, law, and philosophy. Struggled with the essays for the class. He was quiet lenient with me in the end. Just made it through.

May 2005. long-awaited graduation, plus trip to niagara falls, 8 hours back & forth. on the bus where i read the book about Christian worldview. should be proud of Christian identity, beliefs should make a difference to ur life. was celless, churchless, & also communityless. didn't have a grp to belong to....

May 27 2005: joined NTU cell. Introduced by James, who referred me to Kimberly, Kimberly brought me into Room 303 and left me there for her own cell group. Was v scared. worship leader remarked that they had unfamiliar people with them that day. Got to know Kailoon, Eik Sheng.

Jun 6 - 8 2005: joined holiday NTPS T2T programme. Amazingly fast transit, got to know Keith, Zhiew Li, Carmen, Pauline, Peter, Franco, KW & others. Saw church ministry in action. Was happy that they gave me a chance to be involved. Without having to go thru much equipping or paperwork. Just went straight in.

Jun 11 2005: Attended cell officially for 1st time. Ruyi was also new. Got to know Kelvin, Zhuling, Joline, Melissa, Ingrid.

Jun 13 - 16 2005: joined Urban Race camp. Amazingly fast transit, from cell to church camp. Learnt about being salt & light. Saw how COOS Urban Race is run. came out of the camp learning of the importance to make a difference. Introduced to Ben, Eugenia, Chris,

Jun 27 2005: Started conscription liability. Actually I can't believe I haven't thanked liability is so easy and so good. 8 - 5:30 every day in an air con office, with v little work to do, no regimental duties, a nice and relaxed boss, 5-day week.

September 2005: became cell treasurer. Also joined T2T. started out with class of 4 Sec 1s. 2 of them asked me to teach them to play the guitar. formed more friendships. saw church administration in action. I started this blog!!

December 2005: M@D camp. Understood the rigours of real church service. Learnt a lot about humility, perseverance and the real reason y we are serving. Got to know Bryan, Benjamin, Camellia, Ho Wai, Liane, Marcus, Louis, Greg. Saw COOS kids building bridges with community youths. Saw community youths learning about the true meaning of Christmas in a very hands-on and experiential way. Saw both joining hands to organise a party for community kids to share the joy of Christmas with them. I learnt about the true meaning of Christmas myself. Christmas 2001 was holidaying in Scotland. Christmas 2002 was holidaying in Germany. Christmas 2003 was preparing to pass driving test in Singapore. Christmas 2004 was staring at the huge Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York. Christmas 2005 - it isn't Christmas until it happens in ur heart.

December 2005: CCIQ. big free 8-course dinner in front of COOS. (in chinese - yeah!) talked to student's mother who is a divorcee. (in chinese - yeah!) learnt about her troubled family life. here i am really in the heart of church ministry in the space of 6 months. Before this queenstown didn't mean anything to me.

December 2005: Christmas party at Nat's place. Got lotsa presents. Lotsa presents from church also. Left me wondering at what stage am I at with my friendships in the cell. But walk with God has a long way to go. Work in progress. Interpersonal relations also got to work on.

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I just realised that I have never spent Christmas with you before.

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too long. didn't want to read.

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