Saturday, January 07, 2006

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love is patient, kind, not proud, rude, self-seeking. doesn't boast, envy, or record wrongs or delight in evil. it rejoices with truth, always protects, hopes, trusts, perseveres.

i think this yr i must learn how to love. i haven't been able to love a lot of people. i'm not patient, quite rude, capricious, & I am too pessimistic to hope & trust in many people. i feel insecure that a lot of things they do are personal attacks against me. sometimes i'm rude, self-seeking & envious.

a lot of people have said that i am very quiet at times. this is cos i think i talk too much. but maybe they prefer me to talk more. in fact i think they prefer me to be jovial & approachable rather than restrained. therefore i shall learn to be more balanced in speech and listening. talk when it's necessary. say things that are interesting & edifying to others. try to be even-tempered, humble, willing to share, other-centred, gentlemanly, & patient.


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