Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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today i was talking to a neighbour, and she was sharing that she is a Thai who is now working as a property agent in Singapore. In other words, she's a new, naturalised citizen. She's foreign talent. Her son, being a 2nd-generation PR, has to do conscription liability. Upon hearing that I am doing conscription liability, she said, ok, boy, you can talk to Uncle _______ (!! - am I old?) - ________ - you can talk to him about his [conscription liability], i'm sure he'll have lotsa _interesting exciting_ stories to tell u!

(I cannot be named to protect my identity)

Then she said, now, son, you see, [conscription liability] is something every boy in Singapore must do. It is something to be proud of.

I did not know whether to clap or to gasp. To solve the dilemma, I just smiled. She is a new citizen, whom, I think, attended a talk at BMTC for new citizens on national education, where they are told about the importance of defence and conscription liability.

You see, the difference between washing the brain and washing the drain is that the letter b is changed to the letter d.

Here's the catch:

Guess which organisation in Singapore wrote the script for New Citizens on the importance of defence and conscription liability?

Guess whose job it is to draft and update those scripts now? (!!!)

The writer is doing conscription liability in _________. He contributed this article to the blog in his personal capacity.

PS: As for the question whether I am old, well, I'm as fat as I am old.


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