Sunday, December 25, 2005

Newcastle 1 arsenal 0 (shearer 82, gilberto red card 54)

Reason I am going back in history is cos Chelsea only playing Fulham on 26 Dec.

I have been SO blessed this Christmas. Really thank God...thank God for giving me the chance to serve in the camp, to see people touched and happy when they are singing the camp carols, playing the games, eating with friends at the party, acting in the skit, and signing autographs with friends they now have built bridges with. everything now becomes worth it...all the work, the arguments i have had with camp president. thank God for all the gifts COOS has given me...1 thing COOS doesn't seem to care about is that i am new...but no, i've been given a chance to serve, and at the Christmas party I gave 1 present & some packet drinks - & I got a sumptuous meal, 2 cards, a tin of biscuits, a photo frame, a candy cane, & a bookmark. For the camp, I got 2 really nice collar t-shirts, 1 black 1 white, 2 books, $25 worth of Tangs voucher, a free 8-course meal, free dessert, just been SO...SO blessed. Yet for some reason, 1 of the things I do least is to thank God, in fact, even to mention Him in the things I do. Also want to thank Camp com president for her magnanimity and selfless good-heartedness, the love of God that shines thru her to forgive someone like me. this morning, I was v self-conscious as usual, but really heartened to see the salvation of Huiyan & Xinqi, the same depth of emotion I felt when I saw Anan raise his hand during altar call at the camp. it's been a long time since i saw salvation in which i was involved, was glad that yisheng brought all the chinese frens here...relating with them, in chinese, reminds me of when I was in the US, & half the people on my floor & 3rd floor were from Taiwan, HK & the mainland, & I talked to them in chinese, & also when I did the exchange in Shandong 2 years ago, & they were so hospitable, letting me stay in a 3-star hotel & inviting me to see their classes including the English classes, especially the English teacher there...who was so humble & friendly & willing to engage with me that I really look up to him.

Got a chance to teach history to 2 yr 1 classes - that was in the introduction to history, but to teach to the yr 2 class was a bit more tricky - I had to teach them the Opium War - in chinese! And then I also had to talk to the history department about SIngapore's education policies - & discuss both countries' policies, orientations & school organisation - in chinese. MOE did a good job by providing us with all the policies and acronyms in chinese translation - really think I learnt a lot. Today, even though I have stopped learning chinese for many years, still think it's 1 of my fave subjects - and i think i express myself better in this language, and can relate with people better when i tok to them in chinese. many people r put off by chinese cos its difficult to learn & master. but actually, if they commit themselves to speak & write it often, & have a good attitude to keep learning, it's really a beautiful, expressive, poetic language. thank God for the china attachment,

but before my mind started to hyperlink, I was talking about their salvation, well, I was touched by their openness, Xinqi himself beckoned to me to go in front with him, and Huiyan who was sitting beside me boldly opened her mouth to say prayer after Head pastor. Anyway, Xinqi is amazingly open about the Bible & ready to embrace Christianity - he said he had read the Bible about the wise men coming to bear gifts to the Messiah, & he compared them with what he watched in the play. & he has a most unusual name - 昕 其. it's the first time I've seen that character, but it means sunrise & dawn. when he came up to the front he actually shared that he didn't feel ready, but when i checked if he was ok with taking the step of the faith, he had actually done it, so let's hope that in the days to come, he'll really find out more about Christ & receive His love! i'm just SO happy for him - and Yisheng...dunno y. last time i couldn't care less one. need God to touch my heart.

wanna thank all those who gave presents, cards, SMSes, & wishes this christmas season. to all those who gave, i do desire to be closer to you all, & to get to know u better. it has been a great christmas. tonight just had a good talk with entire family - the first time in a long time the whole family sat down to have dinner together & tok about happy things for 2 hours at a stretch - am really happy.

just fallen in love with a new song - 张惠妹 - 记得. it's the 16th time i am listening to it now. i love its intensely lamenting buildup, something which A-mei and others like 那鹰 & 周蕙 are famous 4.

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Blogger mimosa said...

Sounds like you had a blessed christmas... Glad for you. :)

8:13 AM  
Blogger lychee said...

Wow! That must be a very very beautiful Christmas! =)

10:18 PM  
Blogger tausarpiah said...

oh are there two people on this blog?

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