Wednesday, November 09, 2005

man united 1 chelsea 3 (may 7 2005 score)

I can't change my nick this weekend. If you don't noe wat I'm toking about, don't ask. If u r a ger, u may also have read about an infamous score on Sunday. everyone's toking about it. dun mention it! I adopt this title for want of a better one. and I forgive those people who copy my nick-style on msn.

took leave today. and guess wat I spent it on? yeah, i brought my 2 brothers out. and i was sad when i heard that my youngest brother hasn't been to Bugis Junction, to Jurong Point, to City Link, to Marina, and he hasn't eaten at Subway, Nooch, NYDC, Carl's Junior, all those great places that I always hang out to eat wif frens! i really need more time & money to bring him out. but anyway i brought them to carl's junior, where they have great burgers of which the size and quality put BK and Mcdonald's to shame. BK has been a disappointment ever since I came back. last time I bought a Chicken sandwich for myself but had to share it with a friend. Now when my fren and I bought a chicken sandwich to share, he decided to eat it all by himself.

at carl's junior my brothers ate the bacon beef burgers and I had the super star. it's real good, beats BK's whopper any day, although the BK has better onions. wish I can go there more. but then must watch weight. Anyway, the lunch there was a good opportunity for me to tell my brothers about motivation - how motivation should come from your inner self - about having an aspiration, knowing it and focusing on it, and then channelling all your energy and resources and short-term goals (ie studying for exams) towards it as the ultimate. It's also about realising that that aspiration is diverse. my bro wants to be a writer. i told him that sitting at home and writing novels is not too realistic and narrow - there's magazine writing, advertisement writing, script-writing, research, market research. there's graphic design, layout, editing, publication, etc, etc, so many opportunities and areas he can venture into - he can explore the Polys, La Salle, and the private universities, he should try for JC since that's what he wants but if not the Polys offer a great diplomas and after that he can still go for a degree. Then he'll have both a degree and a diploma! i'm glad had an opportunity to tell him this - wasn't easy for me, had to pray before the lunch, cos I was afraid he won't listen, but i think he registered. thank you God for giving me the strength. It's taking a lifetime for me to learn that when you obey God, you unlock His power. I told him also that as a student he should study to honour God then God will honour him back.

after that we went to watch Flight Plan. when we found out that Exorcism and Just like Heaven opening tomoro, we were v disappointed dat we were a day early, and I din't noe anything about Flight Plan. but it turned out to be a great movie, although under scrutiny the story doesn't hold water, cos it's technically not possible to pull off such a conspiracy, everything is too neat, and it doesn't cast the state of US aerial security in very good light. But Jodie Foster was great in the movie (I think she is Irish American, she has blue eyes and that Irish American look. by that kinda look, Helen Hunt should be Irish too. and both of them look like my Irish American fren) the movie turned out to be really great, really exciting, but it also reminded me that I haven't been in a plane for quite some time. Sigh. Can identify with esther there.

well. will try to scrimp a bit more on lunches at Mindef and bring them to NYDC to eat the baked rice next time. and there are gd movies coming up. Aeon Flux. Harry Potter. Just like Heaven. Lion, witch and wardrobe.


Blogger andy switzzle said...

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Blogger J said...

erm.. hmm. I think you might need to turn on your ad-spam thingy liao.

Carl's junior is great.. i like their home-brewed lemon tea. I'm waiting for my bro to finish his o'levels before I can bring him to Fish & Co (a treat promised long ago) and to an arcade to play some silly games together.

being on a plane... argh.. don't you remind me again! *howls* =p

6:39 AM  
Blogger lyraine said...

btw, dave sowden said u were a "soccer whore".. he remembers u

7:49 AM  
Blogger Joline said...

I hear loads about Carl Jr. Shall follow my nose there soon. Anyway, i think that it's real great to hear about this brotherhood outing. Thumbs up!

9:10 AM  
Blogger kelvin said...

hey eugene
1st time reading ur writings..i've to say i'm quite impressed. heee..

hey, i'm interested in the lion, witch and wardrobe movie.. whadd'ya think? could we make some arrangements?? anyone else???

p/s: dun bother checking out my blog coz there's nothing there (well, at least nothing of worth noting.. hee)


11:08 AM  

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