Monday, November 14, 2005

liverpool 1 chelsea 4 (lampard 27 pen, duff 43, cole 63, geremi 83)

my mother is a good mother. i came back with my two brothers from dinner at NYDC to see her cleaning all the toilets and the kitchen sinks. i was quite tired, but i asked her if i could help. she said no, i've had a long day, i should go and watch "Everybody loves Raymond," "Becker," Married to the Kellys, etc etc. Basically she did everything by herself. I am not a good son. I do want to help her although just watching her do the housework makes me feel tired. I told her that if I do help her I don't have to go to the gym, but she keeps telling me to go and rest. that's how good a mum she is. also she purposely chose the day when i came back late (and she doesn't need to cook) to do all these things. so I got her to promise not to wash my clothes for me tomorrow, i'll come back and do it. i suppose that's the least i can do. i realise that she gets joy out of doing those mundane housework again and again, which brings no reward, comes to no end, and is often taken for granted. she is probably less joyful if I help her, cos she gets worried that i'll be tired. and i'm not really 1 for doing housework. when i hang the clothes i'm quite eager to quickly get it over and done with. and when i wash dishes i usually try to minimise the dishes used during cooking and eating so i dun have to wash so much, whereas my mum will use a fresh spoon for everything. can i be blamed? Hanging clothes out to dry isn't exactly the same as watching chelsea thrash manchester united 5-0. and i gave up doing ironing after my father showed me that it's a hobby for him, not a chore. anyway, I had a long day! 2 months ago it was storytelling national education at a hotel, this time it's a MOE national education seminar (ie, a seminar to help teachers be effective in communicating national education) at a country club. if u're wondering wat dat means, it means dat the seminar was held in the grand ballroom (where the air-con is London weather at the moment), breakfast is meegoreng and soon kueh (with extra chilli), lunch with a buffet spread of rice, beancurd, fish, chicken, vegetables, nonya kueh, sichuan soup, coleslaw, there's a free shuttle bus to the MRT station, my travel to the country club and from home is reimbursable, and i get to listen to talks on national education! Congrats to my long day, which finished off with dinner with my brothers at NYDC. I told them about interpersonal skills, their importance in life and success, and my lack of them (which my brothers must learn to be better than me at). Interpersonal skills and entrepreneurship are key to success, not grades. It doesn't matter if ur grades are not good, and it doesn't mean much if ur grades are good, cos when u go out to work, it's ur interpersonal skills, ability to learn on the job quick, entrepreneurship (doing conscription in _____Office), and ability to accept failure. I hope it registered, cos carl's junior and NYDC burnt a hole in my pocket, and on top of it all, I postponed my guitar practice with the T2T guys to catch up with friends and we ended up watching Exorcism of Emily Rose. My first horror movie. It wasn't exactly a horror movie, but luckily it wasn't, cos if it had been something like The Ring I wouldn't be typing this. It was a good movie. It explores concepts like justice, morality, science, superstition, religion, choice, psychology, ambition and reputation. and Laura Linney is really good. a completely different character from the 1 she created in Love Actually. but was I supposed to watch it? Movies cost $2.50 more on weekends, and I was supposed to teach the guys Amazing Grace. now i've postponed it to next week, but i still feel a bit bad about it. I was a bit worried about the guys taking me for granted. But if I'd taught them, I'd have obeyed God, and it wouldn't have cost me a cent!


Blogger Pope @ David said...

Heh Eugene, I'm sure your Mom appreciates your gesture to help out with the household chores. My mom would openly refuse my help when I offer it(to help wash dishes etc) too.. Hee.. So I've realised the best time to contribute is when she's not at home :p Myb you can rope your brothers in to help out too on say, Sunday mornings if your Mom happens to be out for grocery-shopping ;)

I've sure your T2T guys will understand the postponement too yea ;-)

Take care and see you soon
~Weirong =)

8:09 PM  
Blogger city_walker said...

Don't do something that you don't feel comfortable doing. Good frens should respect your preferences!

1:39 AM  
Blogger mario said...

Many people try to achieve goals. Most fail. Some strive, work hard and plan for all the details yet they achieve little or nothing at all. Others strive, work hard, plan and achieve huge success. Yet there are a few individuals who do little else than take small steps and seem to achieve a great deal with what seems like effortlessness. What is the difference between these people and which one would you like to be?
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However, there is a third type of person who almost goes unnoticed. They are the person who takes life in its stride and yet achieve most of what they want. I am sure you know of such a person in your life that just seems to saunter through life and yet they always come out on top. Or a person who you hear of that has decided to open a shop. You meet them a few months later and they have three shops all doing well! So what makes these people so successful and if they aren't living in the past and aren't living in the future where are they living?
I suppose you guessed it! Whether they are consciously aware of it or not they are living in the present. It is in the 'living' present that we have our greatest power. Everything happens in the present. You live your entire life there - even if your mind does not!

By becoming more aware of the present and by 'accepting' it as it is we are much more in control of our emotions and focus. When we live in the past we are fearful of making bad choices and/or getting hurt. We do not wish to recreate the past again! When we live in the future we can also be fearful of what might happen. But even if your future vision is full of power and worthy of working towards many people can, and often do, get stuck there. By constantly reaching for bigger and better goals they fail to enjoy what they have in the moment.
If you wish to start living a life that is almost effortless begin first by living in the present. Accept your situation the way it is and then you can enjoy what you have. Your focus changes from a memory of what was or a vision of what might be to a realization of what is. You become much more empowered to then see the beauty of life and also look at where you wish to make changes. But to make changes you must first accept the situation as it is. Trying to escape from your present only increases your focus on your problems by creating resistance to what is. Accept your life as it is now. Make no judgement, just accept it and then you will be free of doubt, worry, pain and fear. For you only experience these things when you live outside the 'moment'. personal development

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