Friday, November 04, 2005

lille 1 manchester united 0

i'm very disappointed with 2 people. because 1 of them insists on having his/her own way, makes his/her own decisions, expects everyone to fall in line and see things his/her way, and hurts everyone in the process. in such folly i fail to see how he/she can set an example or gain the trust or respect of anyone, give anyone security, both financial and emotional. the 2nd person i am very disappointed with because he/she fails to see the effort i put in into trying to spend time and build relationship. in building a relationship it takes 2 hands to clap. but he/she doesn't seem interested, and i seem to be the 1 putting in all the effort. a lot of times i just want to take the easy way out. i've done my part. if they dun want to listen or contribute, so be it. it's not my burden to worry about or to fret or push. but y must they be like that? if only they learn that the simplest ways are the best, and the simplest treasures are the most precious. but no, they must lead a complicated life.

m very happy to see younger brother graduate, even tho didn't go for his graduation, had conscription liability, and he didn't seem to want me to go. in fact he didn't even want my parents to go, tho they still went. he received this very nice certificate, he got a plague for his team coming in 1st in inter-house chinese chess, and he sang his batch song & sch song. takes after me, cos i remember those songs. wish i had gone for graduation, my parents couldn't come for my graduation. but i'm glad to see those results, which to me are realli impressive, even tho my mother said he told her that many subjects are actually below average to his peers. also saw his report for project work. last time in secondary school i had no project work, but he does. well, he got an A grade, and the project work assesses his portfolio, his attitude and personal skills relative to relating with his partner, accepting criticism, his resourcefulness, the quality of work etc. wonder if i could ever do this, even now. 1 thing my university experience did not have was project work - group project work. we were not given team research projects, especially with external affiliations. every piece of work was individual research & essay, there was little practicality about it. well, my brother has things going a lot easier for him - he gets to enjoy benefits of circle line, changi terminal 3, new Bayfront, new Orchard Rd at a younger age, greater secondary sch facilities than me, O Level exemption, new state-of-the-art JC facilities, 6 months shorter NS. but his work is also a lot harder. he thinks i'm better than him, but actually his work is a lot a lot harder. i'm proud of him. the third brother - i'm proud of him too. he's got his own web forum, he taught me how to burn CDs, he burnt a CD for me, he taught me how to use an ipod to download & store music (yes!!). but he needs to build character and values.

had a good stay at my aunt's place, where another aunt taught me all about investments and budgeting. learnt about low, moderate and high-risk investments, hedge funds, unit trusts etc, and about regular but diversified investments with some level of risk to bring in the most profits in the long-run. she's a successful financial consultant and insurance agent. i used to be v greedy about money. i still wanna make my money grow. but then i have heard nasty stories about people making big losses cos they invest in high-risk trusts. sigh.


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