Tuesday, November 01, 2005

chelsea 4 blackburn 2

having a good time with my brother in his room - largest room in the flat which is actually master bedroom and toilet ensuite, listening to his music from his speakers and new ipod, and he uses the air-con liberally so enjoying it too. We went to west mall to check it out and bought Bread Talk to eat, and they had a promotion, so we had an extra sandwich and gave it to mum! also checked out the Sembawang CD shop and popular there. now that i'm back, he actually showed me how to crop a photo on Paint, post it on the web using imageshack and then upload it onto my blog. i've taken it to increase privacy cos freedom of speech is enshrined in singapore's constitution. He says it's very basic, but really to me, it's not english, and i'm so glad that he's there to teach me. he also told me about burning CDs, I didn't even noe my lappie has a CD-rewriting facility, will go and buy CDs and burn some movies cos frens had asked about it the other time and I didn't know anything about it. if can't burn, he will burn from me. i'm also looking at the collection of my old books which now forms his mini-library in the room, and taking them out to re-read. thanks to him, and hopefully the relationship will continue to get better. wish i could love him more, but sometimes i find it hard to love him. this is less his fault than mine, for bible says, if you claim to love God but can't love your brother, you are a liar. soon i'll have to teach him again, when holidays start, that's hard cos it's a commitment, and he's weak, and i'm going to need to draw strength from God to do it. also promised to take leave from conscription liability next week to bring him to Subway and Carl's Junior - can't blive he's not been to those places to eat - actually I'm so privileged and I really need to share my blessings with him more. 2nd brother just sat for O'level Higher Chinese, says compo is too short 2.5 pages - and is worried - well, my ENglish compo at O'level was only 3 pages - it's the subtance, not the length, hope he does well. only needs to pass then he can quit doing chinese at A level (in my time it was B3 and above), but i noe he wants to do well. believe he will, cos prayed for him b4 the paper, and i'm glad he gave me the chance to pray for him the night b4. need to learn how to love, and keep loving, it's not a one-time effort, but a lifelong thingee. it's harder for brothers to love than sisters, cos Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, harder for guys to relate unless there are things in common that they can do, my brothers are computer-savvy and play computer games that to me are Greek, but they dun like soccer, and sometimes i have to act like a disciplinarian when i see unbecoming behavior, that spoils the relationship i know, sigh, but i also need them to know what is right and wrong.

hope my brothers noe i love them.


Blogger mimosa said...

have an angsty, sensitive, yet sensible at times 16 yr old brother, so i can empathize.. just the other day he was giving me a crash course on this online game world.. hmm maybe they keep us young as well? I'm sure your brothers know you love them.

9:08 PM  
Blogger kimBarLeY said...

wowow...sweet older brother you are man. mujst role model my big-sister privilege after yours man. eh...any tips for the ignorant? *sheepish look*

9:23 PM  

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