Saturday, October 29, 2005

Y this blog?

Why this blog?

Yes, you people will ask, why this blog? Why, when I'm not a diary-writing person, or the intensely reflective, contemplative kind of the person, but a solid, down-to-earth, pragmatic person? Well, cos I've been encouraged by coupla people to commit to writing a blog, especially after seeing their blogs. They write very well. (They know who they are.) Moreover, since I'm not an assertive or opinionated person, I think this is an avenue where I can articulate my views without worrying that I'm 咄咄逼人 or talkative, or insensitive, cos these are my experiences and my perceptions & I'm totally entitled to it, it's up to you whether you wish to be inspired or disgusted by them. Also, Singapore's supposed to have freedom of speech enshrined in the constitution. I should know, since I'm doing my NS in Central National Education Office. I'm going to see how free our freedom of speech really extends. Don't worry, there will not be anything racist or subversive. Third, I'm interested to see my views filtered through, cos there's a lot I can learn from a lot of people. We learn a lot everyday, as the Chinese say, 活到老, 学到老. Fourth, it's to train myself to be a little more opinionative. I tend not to form opinions, cos I think they are no use. When you form an opinion, you either veer to the left or the right of what the fact is, but a fact is a fact, and the fact speaks for itself, and an opinion is not likely to have an immediate impact on the fact, so what's the fact for? I know this is definitely a flawed argument, but it's my take on life.

Second question, why name the blog chelsea 5 manchester united 0? Well, I remember when I was still studying in the East (ie, faraway from everywhere), when Poyet scored in the 1st minute, Sutton in the 16th, Nicky Butt (who now plays for Birmingham) was sent off in the 24 minute, Berg scored an own goal in the 53rd minute, Poyet scored again in the 56th minute, and Morris finished off manchester united in the 81st minute. I've loved soccer and chelsea ever since, and I chose this score over manchester united 0 chelsea 3 (Dec 2001) and liverpool 1 chelsea 4 (october 2005) cos, if you do simple mathematics, the difference between 5 and 0 is 5 while the difference between the other 2 scores is 3! But I appreciate the 2nd score, when lampard scored from a penalty in the 27th minute, duff put a second in 43rd minute, cole on 63 minutes and then geremi took revenge for may 3, 2005, when william gallas deflected luis garcia's shot ONTO (as opposed to past) the goal line.

A blog is going to be very boring if my frens dun visit, comment and link, so this blog won't survive without my frens. So please contribute...I'll be v pleased, cos there's a lot I can learn from everyone. I'm new to the world of diary writing, but with the onset of globalisation, which means a borderless world with seamless communications throughout the globe, Singapore, given its geostrategic location and its lack of natural resources, will have to embrace it rather than avoid it to survive.


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