Saturday, October 29, 2005

Service to the Nation

Service to the Nation

Would you like to do your conscription liability where I am doing mine? This is a blog, so it's classified. Where everyday you switch on your computer and stare at propaganda (read: core values.) Everyday you are not only reminded of the need for a strong defence, (realist theory of international relations), the need for conscription (explains why I must until Jun 2007 be paid $348 per month), but you write stuff to remind everyone else that this is what they must do? The stuff is classified. Remember when you were in JC, and you received all those core values? If you're a guy, why conscription is important, and if you are a girl, how you should support your boyfriends, (how come nobody's supporting me, but don't worry, I don't need), and when you go in, doing surveys about your attitudes to conscription? Imagine being part of the organisation that conceives and writes those scripts, and conceptualises, administers and analyses the feedback, and looks at ways to improve attitudes towards conscription? Can't say anymore cos everything else is classified. Well, you don't have a choice, so you can be positive about it & try to learn as much as you can, get a chance to go down for as many seminars, workshops and forums as possible, watch how the big people do it, gain both academic and vocational knowledge, strengthen your general paper from reading the newspapers and online materials and gain experience in instructional material conceptualisation and analysis cos later I plan to teach (yeah, intend to teach as a job, at least 4 a few years), and they'll probably ask me to teach patriotism (read: National Education) thru the teaching of academic subjects. There's a great library well stocked, with authors like Chua Beng Huat, Michael Leifer, Warren Fernandez, Raj Vasil, etc etc. The best I've attended was the NE Storytelling Workshop, held at a hotel (yes, a hotel), where we ate 4 meals a day and learnt from professional storytellers how to tell stories (yes, I'm not kidding), the JCs, an NE Forum, (though it was held at a camp, and we didn't get to eat much food) and the visit to ISD Heritage Centre (where I really, Really, REALLY learnt a lot.) . There's better to come - there's a URA visit next month, and then an MOE seminar (& I think it's at a Country Club), and then visits to the polytechnics. Looking 4ward to all of them. oh well...Why am I not scared to write all this? Cos freedom is speech is enshrined in Singapore's constitution


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